Forlì: 5.7 million to buy the airport

It takes (so to speak) 5.7 million euros to acquire the concession of total management of Luigi Ridolfi Airport in Forlì, the third in Emilia Romagna for passenger traffic. We had news of the initiative to sell the airport to private individuals (first case in Europe and first privatization in Italy of airport management companies), so here is the rest. A fixed point is that after the experience of the public partners, who in their declarations will always continue to give their support to the development of the Forlì airport, it is now up to private operators and investors to give a clear and advantageous direction to this regional infrastructure.

Second Riccardo Roveroni, Accountable Manager of SEAF (the company that currently manages the airport facility) "The amount identified is undersized compared to the multi-year usefulness of the investment, if we consider that it is possible to manage airport activities on a good quality site and for a period ranging from 20 to 40 years".

Mayor and Chamber of Commerce of Forlì Cesena, the local authorities involved, obviously participated in the presentation to financial analysts, airlines, economic operators and potential investors, both Italian and international, of the tender for the assignment by ENAC (National Body for Civil Aviation) of the concession, which took place in Milan, Tuesday 23 October, at the Banca Intesa headquarters.

“Local authorities - explained the mayor, Roberto Balzaniare available to guarantee, in the forms permitted by law, a start-up contribution of at least one million euros per year for a period of three / five years; to this must be added two million euros already allocated by the Emilia Romagna Region for investments on the grounds ".

During the meeting, Riccardo Roveroni e Maurizio Cosco, management consultant of SEAF e Antonio Nannini, Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce of Forlì Cesena presented a very detailed document containing the description of the characteristics of the Forlì airport, the strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of the managers-sellers.

Among the many good things listed there is thatLuigi Ridolfi airport it is equipped for a multiplicity of potential uses (low cost, technological pole and flight schools, charter flights, freight traffic) and can take advantage of a large area for any future developments. Among the less numerous 'bad' ones, the two main ones are that it is still a follower company compared to the big players and price takers, and that it is subject to competitive pressures from the big competitors in the area.

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